OCDC isn’t Melbourne’s biggest, most publicised or centrally located data centre…. but we believe that’s a good thing! A data centre that is big, well known and in the CBD may not be suited to those wishing to colocate critical servers and data where flexibility, discretion and location being outside the ‘Risk Zone’ are important factors in choosing a colocation facility.

OMNIconnect offer the following combination of features at OCDC making it a very unique  data centre.


Most Melbourne data centres are located in and around the CBD. However, many organisations have the requirement (perhaps due to compliance for preference) to be outside the so called ‘Risk Zone’ of Melbourne CBD. OCDC is safely located 20km outside the 15km ‘CBD Risk Zone Radius’ (a total of 35km) to ensure enough distance from the potential risk associated with being located within or close to the CBD.


Technicians will agree, that getting into a data centre in the city can sometimes be an ordeal that can add real over head of wasted time, money and inconvenience. Especially in the case of an emergency.

OCDC is positioned to make access for those authorised as easy as possible. Located at the end of the CityLink freeway with complementary, secure off-street parking. Some would say that travelling to OCDC is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Compare that with heading into the city for server maintenance where gridlock, red lights and parking tickets are all part of daily routine for an IT support tech.

Remote Hands.

Simple things like rebooting a server, inserting a DVD from an ejected drive, or checking the error message on the front of a tape library can involve a call out, a fee, and a delay. At OCDC, a team of technicians work only metres away from your hosted equipment and can provide you with a service that is the next best thing to being there yourself (possibly even better).

OMNIconnect the Carrier.

OCDC brings two industries together that compliment each other so well. Not only does OMNIconnect privately own and manage its own data centre and facilities, but it is also a licensed Telecommunications Carrier. This means that if you choose OMNIconnect can not only house your IT equipment, but can provide connectivity via microwave, fibre or copper back to your offices. In addition to our own state wide network, OMNIconncet has wholesale agreements with most of the major network providers so thats wherever you are located, the best connectivity options are available.

Size, Flexibility and Staff.

‘Boutique Data Centre’ this is something you will hear us say often in that we keep things personal.. The bigger, the better? We don’t agree. Each of our support staff know each of our colocation clients, which means that our clients can call and speak directly to support staff and not have to start from scratch every time they call.

Being able to pick up the phone and speak to a data centre technician directly and have a dedicated account manager who knows the services that you have with OMNIconnect is really valued by our clients. In this industry, this type of service is a thing of the past, but we intend to go against the crowd and keep our personal touch alive.

Environmentally Responsible.

OCDC has gone to great lengths to reduce carbon footprint by reducing its power consumption and choosing efficient cooling systems and methods.

Conventional data centres waste an immense amount of energy, inefficiently cooling their data halls with refrigerant based air-conditioning during months when the outside temperature is actually lower than the data centre set-point. This never made sense to us… Why not use the outside air cooled by nature?

The result is a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.2 at OCDC, a figure only the most efficient data centres in the world can boast to have achieved.

In addition to this, OMNIconnect has installed a solar system that powers up to 100% of IT load during full sun… That’s right, during the day OCDC is mostly powered by the sun!

Fair ‘Pay for Use’ Power Policy.

Many Data centres include a measure of power with the rack package, but if you don’t use all your allocated power, then you may be paying for something you don’t use.

OCDC encourages the use of power energy efficient servers, by offering low rack pricing and metering the power our customers use. Customers can view their usage via dashboard and can plan accordingly.

Additionally this also means that consumers who have standby equipment, pay only for the backspace they occupy and not for the power they’re not using.


Many Data centres have some of the above features, but few if any, could claim all of the above. These unique features are why many have chosen to colocate hosted servers at OCDC.

If you’re looking for data centre to host your server infrastructure and the above things are important to you, please call and speak to one of our Support team members on 03 9770 3333 or email sales@omniconnect.com.au

“OMNIconnect provide an outstanding service when it comes to our Hosting and Connectivity requirements. The hardware is top notch, and if we’re ever stuck their skilled technicians are always able to help.”
Brett O'Donnell

“I need more stars!!! I’ve been involved in the tech space most of my adult life, and more time in datacenters that I care to admit. The facility is clean, welcoming, and fast, the service is professional, courteous, and human. Well done, was great to be treated as a person and not a number.

Mark Walker

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