Virtual Private Servers

Start small, grow big with cloud VPS hosting 

Cloud Virtual Private Servers.

You don’t need to own a data centre or even a server to host applications, web or gaming servers. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means you can let us worry about all that. Virtual Private Servers are just like your own physical server, but they allow you to leverage off our infrastructure and add more resources as you require.

OMNIconnect uses super-fast Nimble storage with some of the fastest disk storage available today.

  • Traditional Storage IOPS 1% 1%
  • OMNIconnect Nimble Storage IOPS 100% 100%

fast, very fast.

OMNIconnect uses the industry leading HPE Nimble Storage Area Network (SAN) that other storage vendors simply cannot match, providing our VPS cloud platform the performance needed for fast VPS infrastructure. 


99.99% Uptime sla.

We guarantee our network’s performance and back it up with rebates paid to you. 


DDOSP Protection.

OMNIconnect’s Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDoSP) is embedded into our internet facing network and mitigates malicious layer 3 & 4 traffic prior to reaching your hosted servers.

Our Technology.


 We didn’t cut costs with our storage, because getting the storage right is fundamental to providing fast virtual servers and private cloud infrastructure.  

 Do some research yourself, and we are confident you’ll be as impressed as we are. 


More Reasons to Choose OMNIconnect for VPS.


Local Support

All our support team is based in Melbourne and you’ll most likely even get to know our team on a first name basis… Something that is very rare in our industry. 


ISO27001 Accreditation

Certified IEC/ISO 27001, the international standard outlining best practices for information security management systems (ISMS).



With the aim of meeting the Tier III data centre specification, OCDC has redundant power, cooling and network components. Diesel generators with 5,000 litres of fuel automatically start during a utility power failure.

Build Your Virtual Private Server

Basic VPS

1 CPU Core


10GB Storage

100GB Internet Data

Choose OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows

From $20/mo.

Pricing excludes GST

Advanced VPS

8 CPU Cores


500GB Storage

100GB Internet Data

Choose OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows

From $469/mo.

Pricing excludes GST

 Questions About Virtual Private Servers.


What backup and monitoring options are available?

VPS SSD can be backed up twice weekly with the ability to restore individual files or your entire VM. Backups are kept for 7 weeks and we can also cater for custom backup requirements. Services can be monitored 24/7 and notification of any failures is sent via email or SMS alerts. Examples of common services monitored include HTTP, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP etc. 

Who does my software updates and firewalling?

Our VPS packages have the option for managed firewalls so that we are able to firewall out any unwanted traffic at the hardware level before it reaches your VPS. Examples of this include filtering out all except HTTP and IMAP for public access and locking down SSH or RDP connections to a specific IP address. We can also perform server administration tasks for you, such as software installations and updates. Clients who have selected server management receive priority for critical issues.

Join our many satisfied clients.

Our customers keep coming back for our reliable service and excellent customer support.

“OMNIconnect provide an outstanding service when it comes to our Hosting and Connectivity requirements. The hardware is top notch, and if we’re ever stuck their skilled technicians are always able to help.”
Brett O'Donnell

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“I need more stars!!! I’ve been involved in the tech space most of my adult life, and more time in datacenters that I care to admit. The facility is clean, welcoming, and fast, the service is professional, courteous, and human. Well done, was great to be treated as a person and not a number.

Mark Walker

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