As discussed in our recent article ‘5 reasons to downsize your office and move your IT infrastructure to a colocation data-centre’, in the COVID-19 era more and more businesses are seeing the value in downsizing their offices and working from home.

One such company that has done exactly that is Atomic Group Australia, a retail franchise group of companies for Adidas, Homyped, SportsCo and Comfort and Fit.

Due to the success of having staff working from home during the Victorian COVID restrictions, it was decided to vacate their current office completely and relocate their IT server infrastructure to a colocation data-centre.

Atomic has made a substantial saving by downsizing their office space, and now have consolidated their IT at OCDC. 

Atomic’s IT Manager Trevor Thompson explained:

“We moved all our IT equipment one night from our office to OMNIconnect, and the following morning, despite some very minor issues, all users were able to connect to the VPN as if nothing had changed.”

 Mr Thompson’s advice:

 “There are plenty of vendors in the colocation space, so I would certainly do your homework on the vendors you shortlist, and consider looking outside the main players in the Port Melbourne area. I had no previous experience with colocation, but the information provided on OMNIconnect’s web site assisted with determining our required configuration, and the OMNIconnect staff were extremely helpful with emails and phone calls to ensure we selected the correct configuration for our requirements. Having internet access included in the pricing was a bonus as this was one thing less to think about and my tests have confirmed that the speed of our internet connection is similar to what we had in our office. I would certainly recommend OMNIconnect for any companies looking at colocation.”

If you would like to have a free consultation with OMNIconnect and discuss the benefits of colocating your servers and IT equipment to a data-centre, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you during this COVID era.

“OMNIconnect provide an outstanding service when it comes to our Hosting and Connectivity requirements. The hardware is top notch, and if we’re ever stuck their skilled technicians are always able to help.”
Brett O'Donnell

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“I need more stars!!! I’ve been involved in the tech space most of my adult life, and more time in datacenters that I care to admit. The facility is clean, welcoming, and fast, the service is professional, courteous, and human. Well done, was great to be treated as a person and not a number.

Mark Walker

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